Meet Hoosier Elite Basketball

Parent Portal

As a PARENT, what will the Hoosier Elite do for me?

  • Give you the knowledge that your daughter will be placed on a team that is able to have all members who participate at practice and games on the weekends helping her achieve her highest goals within this sport.
  •  Co-Op will reserve tournaments, exposure events or AAU sanctioned events as it meets the needs or goals of your daughter’s team.
  • Coaches’ and tournament fees as well as hotel reservations are included in the application entry fee.
  • For the parent with a junior age daughter, your interests and goals will be different than an under 11 player just beginning in the AAU circuit. This will allow for parents to quantify how their money is spent, what events they are spending it on, and when and where they travel.
  • Our goal is to select qualified coaches, preferably high school assistant coaches that would like to participate in the AAU coaching experience, thus allowing for some resume experience and highlights. These coaches will be paid to further increase their quality and commitment level.
  •  Events selected Exposure, Nike, Addidas shootouts and sanctioned AAU qualifier events will be selected with the goals of the team in mind i.e; a junior team looking to get a D1/D2/D3 scholarship will be playing at the more distinguished tournaments and suited for collegiate scouting opportunities located throughout the Midwest and Southern states requiring more travel. While a young U11 team just beginning the AAU circuit may only participate in local AAU events and tournaments in Indiana.