Meet Hoosier Elite Basketball

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As a PLAYER, what will the Hoosier Elite do for me?

  • Allow you to be involved in the largest, best organized girls program in the state.
  • Help you attain your desired goals through high level impact basketball.
  • No more head games by coaches and running around trying to land on a team.
  • Offer you single source to meet your off season basketball goals.
  • Ability to be matched up based on personal level of commitment and skill level.
  • Provide you with qualified coaching, and direction with experience at the highest level.
  • Quality professional appearance and organizational skills.
  • Qualified and knowledgeable staff to help locate the most advantageous tournaments for your team to participate in, with your teams goals in mind.
  • Increase your productive practice and game time for peak performance.
  • Satisfaction of team size and play time availability; no oversized teams.
  • Once evaluated you will have a schedule of all practice times and game locations.
  • As your commitment and skill levels increase you will have the opportunity to grow and migrate to other teams within the Co-Op that have the same commitment and skill levels.
  • Allows a player whose team may not have qualified for Nationals to be picked up on another Co-Op team that has qualified but has had injuries or such.
  • Allows for quality practice time by having enough players to practice, scrimmage and participate in drills.
  • Allows for quality games by having the right number of players so everyone gets play time.
  • Allows you to promote your talent and commitment for the game at a higher level.
  • To promote and focus that talent and commitment to the collegiate recruiting personnel of your choice.
  • To give you the greatest opportunity to achieve your goals i.e; D1/D2/D3 candidate or a full scholarship at a D1/D2/D3 NAIA school – the choice is yours.
  • At the end of the regular school basketball season you will be notified of upcoming tryouts either by your high school coach or by email.